Comma Rules

These are all the different types of phrases you can use commas in.

  1. List of words- We bought strawberries, pears, apples and bananas from the shops.
  2. List of phrases- On Friday, we traveled by bus, toured Parliament House, attended a lesson in the gallery, ate our snacks and traveled home wearily.
  3. When addressing someone- “Bridie, did you enjoy the excursion?”
  4. When adding extra information- Lyre-birds, who can mimic bird calls, have beautiful tails.
  5. Pauses- Be fore we explored the gallery, we stopped and ate our snacks.

If you know any more rules about commas, please leave a comment. ūüôā

Zika Virus

We watched a video in class on the Zika Virus and we were asked to write an opinion piece on it. Here is mine:

Why should we be worried about the Zika Virus if it hasn’t killed anyone yet?

We should be aware about the Zika Virus but not worried because it hasn’t killed anyone yet. Pregnant women should stay away from places affected by this virus carried by the Aedes mosquito, as it could harm their babies. The other problem is that Brazil has been affected by the Virus and Olympians could be affected and as well as the whole Olympics. But Olympians aren’t concerned about being bitten by the mosquito so why should we be?

By Bridie

How are we called to care for our common home?

The earth is our home and we need to look after it. Many people don’t do this and they don’t care. They pollute and all they care about is making money. We need to make sure these people start to look after the world otherwise climate change will take over and we won’t be able to live because of the heat and the plants and animals won’t survive because of the heat. Climate change is already happening and we have reached 1 degree climate change already. This means that the world is already getting hotter and we need to make a change fast.

Some of the things that we can all do to help stop climate change is

  • Use renewable energy sources
  • Use solar panels
  • Electric cars
  • Pick up rubbish and stop polluting
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Raise awareness about climate change because many people don’t know or just don’t care.

We need to start caring for God’s creation and we need to stop being ignorant and not caring. We need to stop climate change fast. If we all do something it will make a difference and the world will be a lovely place to live in. No animals will become extinct.


Jawbone Marine Sanctuary

On Friday the 13th of November my classmates went to the Jawbone Marine Sanctuary.

There were a lot of animals and plants at the sanctuary and they looked at the Mangroves and Rock pools. In the rock pools were a lot of fish.

I understand the Sanctuary was named the Jawbone Marine Sanctuary because of the land and it is all about caring for the land and the flora and fauna. It is not allowed to have houses built on it because it is protected by the government.

Some of the things that I can do to protect the Sanctuary is not pollute and care for all animals big and small.Jawbone Marine Sanctuary

My presentation on Koala’s

This is my presentation on Koala’s. Some of the things that I learn’t are that Koala’s are not endangered, there are over 600 species of Eucalyptus trees and the Koala can only eat up to 120 of them, Koala’s young are called Cubs and they are nocturnal so they sleep in the day and eat and mate at night.

Some of the things I learn’t from my friends presentations are:

  • Spotted Quolls are also called Tiger Quolls because of their spots.
  • Dingoes eat almost everything but nothing really eats them.
  • Male Elephant Seals have a proboscis and the female Elephant Seals don’t.
  • Spinifex Hopping Mouses have very large eyes and ears with tufted tails. They are nocturnal.


Our school production-Into the Autumn Mist

Last night (October 29th) we had the grade 5/6’s last production. We performed at the Besen Centre at Mount Scopus memorial college.

The main character was called Puff the magic dragon and he had left his home in Honah Lee because his life long friend had gone and he was searching for a fairy tale to belong in.

The first scene was the choir singing the “Puff the magic dragon” song. I was in that choir.

The next scene was Goldilocks and the three bears. This was the first prep’s class dance. They sang to “The three bears” song and they danced to “Twist and Shout.”

Next it was “Snow White and the Three Dwarfs.” This was the first 3/4’s scene. They danced to “Wake Me Up Before You Go” ¬†and they sang to “Que Sera.”

Then it was Ariel. This was the first 1/2’s dance. They danced to “Mermaid” and they sang to “Under the Sea.”

Next it was Rapunzel. This was the first 5/6’s dance. They danced to “Shut up and Dance With Me” but they had to change the words to “Get Up and Dance With Me” and they sang to “Ring Ring”.

After that it was scene 6, The three little pigs. This was the second prep’s class. They sang to “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?” and they danced to “Happy.”

Next was the scene I had a main part in. Sleeping Beauty. I played the queen. This was the 2nd 5/6’s class’s scene. They sang to “This Is What Dreams Are Made Of” and danced to “Classic.”

Next was Aladdin and this was the second 1/2’s class. They sang to “A Whole New World” and a song that I don’t know.

Next was my class’s scene. We did Cinderella. We danced to “Uptown Funk” and we sang to “Whose That Girl?”

After that was Little Red Riding Hood. This was the second 3/4 class. They danced to “Bad” and sang to a song about Little Red Riding Hood.

That was all the class dances and then we had the 5/6 boys drumming and the 5/6 dance to Single ladies.

The final scene was some of the characters from the scenes coming together to welcome Puff into a new land called Shrek and then the teachers surprised us with a teachers dance.

It was possibly one of the best productions I been to.


Protecting the Orangutan

The Orangutan is a very special creature as is every creature in the world. The only problem is if we don’t protect these animals and their habitats we won’t have them any more. The Orangutan’s habitat is being destroyed and we need to do something about it.

The Orangutans are closely related to humans and some people believe that we were developed from an ape/orangutan. They are a beautiful creature and do most things that humans do. They sometimes even blow their nose with a tissue!

Some Orangutan species are endangered and some are critically endangered and extinct in the wild may be soon. They live in rain-forests and those rain-forests are at risk of being chopped down for palm oil and paper as well as bush fires and droughts.

Orangutans live in Indonesia and Malaysia on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo. These are the only places where they live in the wild. Nearly a decade ago there were at least 60,000 Orangutans in the wild and now there are only 40,000 left.

Please protect the creatures of our world otherwise we won’t be able to live because they help us live and also because they are God’s creation.

Conservation of animals

Conservation Of Animals


The earth is like a giant carpet. When an animal becomes extinct it is like a strand is being pulled off the carpet and eventually the carpet will be destroyed and our world will be destroyed.


This is what is happening in our world. The animals are becoming extinct because not enough is being done about it. There are so many animals now that are endangered, that there isn’t enough money to help them all. So how can we choose which ones to help first?


I think we should choose the ones that are the most endangered and the ones that are the most important in our world. There are 41,415 endangered species in the world including plants. It went up 16,000 last year and if that keeps happening we will eventually lose everything.


One of the main endangered animals in Australia is the Tassie Devil. This animal is suffering from a disease called DFTD (Devil Facial Tumor Disease). This disease causes tumors that look like ulcers across the mouth face and neck and can cause starvation and blindness. So far no Tassie Devil has become immune to it and no Tassie Devil has survived. Two decades ago there were over 150,000 Tassie Devils in Tasmania and that has dropped to less than 50,000. It has wiped out about 95% of the population. Up the west coast of Tasmania the disease hasn’t reached there so the Tassie Devils up there are thriving due to an extreme amount of care.

The disease was founded in 1996 and it is baffling scientists because it is a cancer but it is passed on through contact and Tassie Devils fight a lot so they figured that’s how it is passed on.


There are many other Australian animal species that are endangered and they need a lot of help. There are a lot of frogs and insects that are endangered and some other mammals. Another endangered animal is the Southern Corroboree Frog. It is critically endangered. They started dying out in the 1980’s and there may be less than 50 left in the wild. It is affected by chytridiomycosis which has killed many frogs. There is also the Mountain Pygmy Possum that is critically endangered. It is endangered because of global warming because they live in the snow and they hibernate under the snow but with the early snow meltings and not much snow it is affecting their hibernation.


I think we should help the most endangered animals and the most important animals in our world that help us live, first, but we need to help every animal.

My trip to the Royal Melbourne Show!

On the first Monday¬†of the September holidays we were lucky enough to go to the Royal Melbourne Show. It was my second time and my sister’s first time. The first thing we did was to visit¬†the animal nursery. There were a lot of goats, sheep, chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits, lamas and baby ducklings. There was also a dingo pup that we got to hold. We also fed some goats and sheep. Next we went on our first ride. It was called the Magic Circus and it was a¬†two storey house full of obstacle courses with a big slide at the end. It was so much fun. Next we went to look at the Masterchef house where the gourmet food stalls were.¬†We had some really nice Adriano Zumbo macaroons. After that we went to look at the dogs and the dog shows. There were a lot of dogs that were bigger than me and lots of massive poodles. Next we went to watch some performing horses. These horses had been trained to perform in shows and movies. While we were watching these horses we ate our lunch of bacon and¬†cheese rolls.¬†After we left the horse shows we went to see the woodchopping.¬†They¬†were amazing because they chopped so fast! There were bits of woods flying everywhere. We then decided to go on our second ride which was a mini rollercoaster. We went around 8 times and the drop part was the scariest. While we were on the mini rollercoaster my brother was on a massive rollercoaster that had so many drops and circles that I got dizzy looking at it. It started raining so we decided to do some inside things. We started with the Channel 7 tent. Inside the tent¬†were some real life barbies. There was also a tent with a climbing frame with monkey bars, slides and cubby houses. Next was the Woolworths tent. There was lots of¬†food to¬†sample like meatballs and lamb kebabs as well as cheese and biscuits. There was also Ice cream and¬†$3 toasties. We¬†bought a dippin’ dots ice cream. YUM!¬†After we left the Woolworths tent¬†we headed to the big rides. My brother and I decided to go on¬†a ride that you sit in a swing and it goes up really high and goes round really fast. It was so much fun¬†but¬†it was¬†a bit scary at first. At the start I had to have my head to the side because otherwise it was very scary. My sister was to short to go on any of the big rides so she went on a different ride. After that we went to look at the farm animals and the parades of farm animals. We watched the cows being led by the teenage owners but it was actually¬†the owners that were being judged. They were being judged on the way they walked when they led their cows. We also saw some little baby lambs and some horses. We then remembered we had some more money left on our ride cards so we decided to go on one more ride each. My sister and I decided to go on the Giant slides and my brother went on the Cliff Hanger. The Giant slides were both fun and scary because they went so fast and they were so slippery and colourful. After we’d finished our rides, we¬† begged mum and dad to go and look at the showbags. We were¬†given¬†$10 to spend on showbags. After doing laps of the¬†showbag pavillion¬†we finally decided on some. I chose a Wicked Fizz and a Fizzer bag, my sister chose a Nerd and a Gobstopper¬†bag and my brother chose a half Wizz Fizz and a half Warhead bag.¬†It was getting close to dinner time so we went back to the Woolworths tent to get¬†a $3 toastie and some samples from the Woolworths people for dinner. YUM!¬†Finally we went out to the arena to watch the Motercross and the fireworks. The Motercross was amazing. The riders¬†were¬†doing backflips while flying through the air across¬†one ramp to another. One of them was only 21 years old. The fireworks¬†were spectacular! There were so many different colours and the fireworks were in time with the loud music that was playing. After a long and tiring day that was also a lot of fun, we¬†finally left the show at nine o’clock. It was one of the best and longest¬†days ever.