Camp Reflection

Before Camp

  • My hopes for camp are is that I have a lot of fun and it will be something I never forget.
  • I am anticipating that we try new things and these things are really fun and we get to know each other really well.
Get out of camp
  • I am hoping to get out of camp new friendships and the skills to do things that I have never done before like archery. I am also hoping that I get to see a different side to people.
  • My worries for camp is that I will get a really bad headache and not be able to do some of the activities.
  • My worries for camp is that I won’t be with anyone that I picked for my cabin and I will be with all boys for the activity group.
After camp  
The Best Part The Activities that we got to do like flying fox, archery, giant swing and canoeing.
The Funniest Thing
  • When Jack Perrin fell into the mud face first and got soaked.
The Hardest Part
  • Getting up the hills in between activities.
Something I learned
  • The technique of archery because I had never done archery before and it was great to learn.
Someone I got to know better
  • Miss van Eyke, Mr Weekes and all of the grade 6 girls because I got to see another side to them outside of school that was awesome and fun.
Something that surprised me
  • The mud run was not the muddiest thing, the trust exercise was.
Most memorable part
  • When all of us were dancing at the disco and having a great time.

Information Report-Hooker’s Sea Lions

Hooker’s Sea Lions

The Hooker’s Sea Lion also known as the New Zealand Sea Lion is a species of Sea Lion that breeds on New Zealand’s Islands and also on Macquarie Island.

Description download-4

The Hooker’s Sea Lion is one of only five species of Sea Lion in the world and it is also known as the New Zealand Sea Lion. It’s scientific name is Phocarctos hookeri. It is one of the rarest Sea Lions found in the world. Adult males are a dark blackish brown in colour and have a distinct light colored mane that reaches down to their shoulders. Females are grey and have a paler belly. Pups are born with a thick covering of black hair which they lose sometime after birth.

Weight and size

A male adult Sea Lion can weigh over 400 kg and can defend over 25 females during breeding season. A female Hooker’s Sea Lion can weigh between 85-160kg and her pups can weigh between 7-8kg at birth. The male’s size can range between 2.0 and 3.25 metres. The female’s size can range from 1.6 to 2.0 metres.


The Hooker’s Sea Lions are one of the most regionally localised and rare species of Sea Lions in the world. They breed at New Zealand’s Auckland Islands and Campbell Island. The males like to travel and are usually spotted as far south as Macquarie Island. Some females have also been spotted at Macquarie Island.

Threats and Population

The total number of Hooker’s Sea Lions around the world are estimated to be around 12,500. They were hunted in the 19th century for their hide and oil by the europeans. They were also hunted by the Maori for food. The number dropped to 12,500 and has been stable for about five decades. The Hooker’s Sea Lion are accidentally killed by fishing boats fishing for squid around the auckland Islands. There status is currently at vulnerable.


Breeding season is in December and early January. The pups are born and then are suckled for up to 10 months.


The Hooker’s Sea Lion feed on squid octopus and several types of fish. Occasionally they eat Crustaceans like Krill, Crabs, Mussels and Lobsters and they have also been seen eating Fur and Elephant seals. They also eat penguins occasionally. They can dive deeper than any of the world Sea Lions or Seals. Their feeding usually is in depths of 100- 200m taking 3-6 minutes but they have been recorded to dive up to 600m taking over 12 minutes.


The Hooker’s Sea Lion breeds on sandy beaches and when the pups are old enough they explore near by creeks and rivers. The adults often wander inland and can be found resting on grassy cliffs and forests.

The Hooker’s Sea Lion is a beautiful animal.


Crustaceans- an arthropod of the large, mainly aquatic group crustacea, such as a crab, lobster, shrimp, or barnacle.

Breeding- The mating and production of offspring by animals.


Sports article- Soccer

Today we were asked to write a sports article on an oympic event/game that happened recently. I chose the Matildas vs Zimbabwe

The Star

Wednesday 10 of August

Aussie Olympic News


Soccer stars the Matildas Continue Their Campaign in Rio

With a final score of 6-1 against Zimbabwe, the Matildas continue their campaign to win a gold medal in Rio.

This was an important match for the Matildas as they drew against Germany and needed the points to make it to the quarter-finals.

The first goal of this game was quite a marvellous one scored by Lisa De Vanna, the captain, after an unselfish side pass from Catriona Gorey just one minute into the game. It took just another ten minutes before a corner was awarded to the Matildas.

Elise Kellond-Knight took the corner and dropped the kick to the front of the goal where Clare Polkinghorne tapped it into the goal making the score two to nil. 13 minutes later Alanna Kennedy made it three with a header from Elise Kellond-Knight’s corner for an advantage just before half time.

The Matildas led by 3 at halftime and were well on their way to the quarter finals.

Just four minutes into the second half the Matildas were on fire again with Kyah Simon kicking it home. It was a beautiful pass from side-back Steph Catley bent around the backline. The Matildas decided to substitute Michelle Heyman into the game and with just two minutes on the field Michelle Heyman got her first with a header from bad Zimbabwe defence. In the commotion of this goal the Zimbabwe keeper, Lindiwe Magwede, looked to be injured and had to be carried off on a stretcher. Chido Dringari came on for  Zimbabwe.

Another goal from the Matildas with Michelle Heyman getting her second from Emily Van Egmonds great pass. She defeated the Zimbabwe keeper to make the score 6-0. Lots more chances for the Matildas but none pay off.

Zimbabwe scored a late consolation goal in injury time. It was Emmaculate Msipa that brought the score up to 6-1.

The final siren sounded and the Matildas won but their chances of making it into the top two of their group are blown and they now have to play America or Brazil in the quarter finals.

Miracles From Heaven- Movie Review

Today we wrote reviews about a movie, book or place that we have been to or seen. I chose to do the review on a movie I have previously seen called Miracles From Heaven.

Warning: Contains Spoilers.

Miracles From Heaven- Review

Main Characters- Anna Beam, Adelynn Beam (sister), Abbie Beam (sister), Kristy Beam (mum), Kevin Beam (Dad), Angela (friend).

Miracles From Heaven is a fantastic movie based on a real story about a little 10 year old girl called Anna Beam who is diagnosed with a rare stomach disorder that means she can not digest food. Anna and her mum, Kristy Beam, travel to Boston to visit a doctor who they believe can cure Anna. After Anna comes home she has an accident that involves her falling headlong into a tree. Amazingly she survives after five hours of being unconscious in a tree and has no broken bones and even more astonishing she shows signs of being cured. After her accident Anna describes a visit to heaven to speak to God. This is possibly one of the best movies I have ever seen and I think other movies will have trouble trying to beat this one.

The only thing I do not like about this movie is that they don’t explain what Anna’s condition is.



Prime and composite numbers

Screenshot 2016-05-24 at 1.15.06 PM

Today in maths we learnt about prime and composite numbers. A prime number is a number that can only be divided by itself and one like 13. A composite number can be divided by itself, one and at least one other number.

Student blogging challenge week 7

Imagine you are stuck on a deserted island with you family and only your clothes. What would you do to entertain yourself.

To entertain myself I would play a game like hide and seek or tag or maybe even 40 40 because those games really only need ourselves. I would also build sandcastles in the sand and play in the waves around the island to keep cool. I would also explore the island if it was big.

Apostrophes of Possession

Apostrophes of possession are used with the letter s to show ownership. For example “The bird’s food.” If you have an s on the end of a word like James you just add an apostrophe and not an s. Example- “James’ bag.” (James owns the bag). You can have apostrophes not only on Proper nouns but on common nouns as well. The same rules apply. The tree’s branches were being blown around in the wind. (The tree owns the branches.)

Here are some examples of apostrophe of possession:

  • Bella’s breakfast was eaten very quickly. (Bella owns the breakfast)
  • The museum’s display was ruined by the five year old. (The museum owns the display)
  • The Panda’s fur was black and white. (The panda owns the fur.)

We should not have a PE lesson everyday

The majority of people believe that kids should be doing more sport. But do we really need to have a PE lesson everyday? I definitely think that kids should be exercising  but not everyday. So why not?

Kids can sometimes have a lot of energy but that won’t last if they have a PE lesson each day. Kids will become really tired as lots of kids already do after-school sports and they don’t need an extra lot of sport. I believe that 1-2 sport lessons a week is enough.

Is sport just as important as download (2)school-work?  I think sport is important but sometimes schoolwork should be more important as it can help you get a job and help you get through life. Some young adults have not had a good education because they have concentrated too much on sport. They have then quit their sport because of injury and have not been able to get a job to support themselves. These people could end up homeless or depressed.

Lastly, kids can sometimes be restless in class but just after a sport lesson some kids are tired and others are jumping around. The teacher then won’t be able to teach them anything and this could lead to other problems.

I definitely believe that kids should only have 1-2 sports lessons a week and they should focus more on schoolwork.


My reflection for term 1

This term is my last term 1 at primary school and it has been a great term. We have had sports night and that was one of the best things ever. I won the Father Staunton 200m race by a head and green team came second. I also had buddy time throughout the term and I have learnt a lot in my inquiry. My Inquiry was a personal Learning Task and it was on healthy bodies and minds. In our Religion PLT (personal learning tasks) my topic was refugees and I worked on this presentation with my friend Elisa. In maths we have been doing algorithms, Chance and Data, addition and subtraction. In performing arts with Mrs Bergin, we have been doing drama and tongue twisters. In Italian, we played an Italian Bingo called tombola. I won one game. Overall this term has been one of the best term 1’s of my life and I am sad to finish my last term 1 in primary school. See you after the Easter holidays and have a Happy Holidays.

My Buddy Bella

My buddies name is Bella and she is 5 years old. Her favourite colour is blue. She likes to go swimming and her favouriet thing to do at school is play on the playground. Her favourite food is ice cream and lollies. Her best friends are Madison and Chiara. In her family is her sister Jessica, her Mum and Dad. Her hair is black. Her eye colour is brown. Her favourite movie is the chipmunks and her favourite are the chippettes. Bella likes to draw and do art. Her favourite letter is B. My buddy is Bella.