Camp Reflection

Before Camp

  • My hopes for camp are is that I have a lot of fun and it will be something I never forget.
  • I am anticipating that we try new things and these things are really fun and we get to know each other really well.
Get out of camp
  • I am hoping to get out of camp new friendships and the skills to do things that I have never done before like archery. I am also hoping that I get to see a different side to people.
  • My worries for camp is that I will get a really bad headache and not be able to do some of the activities.
  • My worries for camp is that I won’t be with anyone that I picked for my cabin and I will be with all boys for the activity group.
After camp  
The Best Part The Activities that we got to do like flying fox, archery, giant swing and canoeing.
The Funniest Thing
  • When Jack Perrin fell into the mud face first and got soaked.
The Hardest Part
  • Getting up the hills in between activities.
Something I learned
  • The technique of archery because I had never done archery before and it was great to learn.
Someone I got to know better
  • Miss van Eyke, Mr Weekes and all of the grade 6 girls because I got to see another side to them outside of school that was awesome and fun.
Something that surprised me
  • The mud run was not the muddiest thing, the trust exercise was.
Most memorable part
  • When all of us were dancing at the disco and having a great time.