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Today we were asked to write a sports article on an oympic event/game that happened recently. I chose the Matildas vs Zimbabwe

The Star

Wednesday 10 of August

Aussie Olympic News


Soccer stars the Matildas Continue Their Campaign in Rio

With a final score of 6-1 against Zimbabwe, the Matildas continue their campaign to win a gold medal in Rio.

This was an important match for the Matildas as they drew against Germany and needed the points to make it to the quarter-finals.

The first goal of this game was quite a marvellous one scored by Lisa De Vanna, the captain, after an unselfish side pass from Catriona Gorey just one minute into the game. It took just another ten minutes before a corner was awarded to the Matildas.

Elise Kellond-Knight took the corner and dropped the kick to the front of the goal where Clare Polkinghorne tapped it into the goal making the score two to nil. 13 minutes later Alanna Kennedy made it three with a header from Elise Kellond-Knight’s corner for an advantage just before half time.

The Matildas led by 3 at halftime and were well on their way to the quarter finals.

Just four minutes into the second half the Matildas were on fire again with Kyah Simon kicking it home. It was a beautiful pass from side-back Steph Catley bent around the backline. The Matildas decided to substitute Michelle Heyman into the game and with just two minutes on the field Michelle Heyman got her first with a header from bad Zimbabwe defence. In the commotion of this goal the Zimbabwe keeper, Lindiwe Magwede, looked to be injured and had to be carried off on a stretcher. Chido Dringari came on for  Zimbabwe.

Another goal from the Matildas with Michelle Heyman getting her second from Emily Van Egmonds great pass. She defeated the Zimbabwe keeper to make the score 6-0. Lots more chances for the Matildas but none pay off.

Zimbabwe scored a late consolation goal in injury time. It was Emmaculate Msipa that brought the score up to 6-1.

The final siren sounded and the Matildas won but their chances of making it into the top two of their group are blown and they now have to play America or Brazil in the quarter finals.

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