Miracles From Heaven- Movie Review

Today we wrote reviews about a movie, book or place that we have been to or seen. I chose to do the review on a movie I have previously seen called Miracles From Heaven.

Warning: Contains Spoilers.

Miracles From Heaven- Review

Main Characters- Anna Beam, Adelynn Beam (sister), Abbie Beam (sister), Kristy Beam (mum), Kevin Beam (Dad), Angela (friend).

Miracles From Heaven is a fantastic movie based on a real story about a little 10 year old girl called Anna Beam who is diagnosed with a rare stomach disorder that means she can not digest food. Anna and her mum, Kristy Beam, travel to Boston to visit a doctor who they believe can cure Anna. After Anna comes home she has an accident that involves her falling headlong into a tree. Amazingly she survives after five hours of being unconscious in a tree and has no broken bones and even more astonishing she shows signs of being cured. After her accident Anna describes a visit to heaven to speak to God. This is possibly one of the best movies I have ever seen and I think other movies will have trouble trying to beat this one.

The only thing I do not like about this movie is that they don’t explain what Anna’s condition is.