Prime and composite numbers

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Today in maths we learnt about prime and composite numbers. A prime number is a number that can only be divided by itself and one like 13. A composite number can be divided by itself, one and at least one other number.

Student blogging challenge week 7

Imagine you are stuck on a deserted island with you family and only your clothes. What would you do to entertain yourself.

To entertain myself I would play a game like hide and seek or tag or maybe even 40 40 because those games really only need ourselves. I would also build sandcastles in the sand and play in the waves around the island to keep cool. I would also explore the island if it was big.

Apostrophes of Possession

Apostrophes of possession are used with the letter s to show ownership. For example “The bird’s food.” If you have an s on the end of a word like James you just add an apostrophe and not an s. Example- “James’ bag.” (James owns the bag). You can have apostrophes not only on Proper nouns but on common nouns as well. The same rules apply. The tree’s branches were being blown around in the wind. (The tree owns the branches.)

Here are some examples of apostrophe of possession:

  • Bella’s breakfast was eaten very quickly. (Bella owns the breakfast)
  • The museum’s display was ruined by the five year old. (The museum owns the display)
  • The Panda’s fur was black and white. (The panda owns the fur.)