We should not have a PE lesson everyday

The majority of people believe that kids should be doing more sport. But do we really need to have a PE lesson everyday? I definitely think that kids should be exercising  but not everyday. So why not?

Kids can sometimes have a lot of energy but that won’t last if they have a PE lesson each day. Kids will become really tired as lots of kids already do after-school sports and they don’t need an extra lot of sport. I believe that 1-2 sport lessons a week is enough.

Is sport just as important as download (2)school-work?  I think sport is important but sometimes schoolwork should be more important as it can help you get a job and help you get through life. Some young adults have not had a good education because they have concentrated too much on sport. They have then quit their sport because of injury and have not been able to get a job to support themselves. These people could end up homeless or depressed.

Lastly, kids can sometimes be restless in class but just after a sport lesson some kids are tired and others are jumping around. The teacher then won’t be able to teach them anything and this could lead to other problems.

I definitely believe that kids should only have 1-2 sports lessons a week and they should focus more on schoolwork.