My reflection for term 1

This term is my last term 1 at primary school and it has been a great term. We have had sports night and that was one of the best things ever. I won the Father Staunton 200m race by a head and green team came second. I also had buddy time throughout the term and I have learnt a lot in my inquiry. My Inquiry was a personal Learning Task and it was on healthy bodies and minds. In our Religion PLT (personal learning tasks) my topic was refugees and I worked on this presentation with my friend Elisa. In maths we have been doing algorithms, Chance and Data, addition and subtraction. In performing arts with Mrs Bergin, we have been doing drama and tongue twisters. In Italian, we played an Italian Bingo called tombola. I won one game. Overall this term has been one of the best term 1’s of my life and I am sad to finish my last term 1 in primary school. See you after the Easter holidays and have a Happy Holidays.

My Buddy Bella

My buddies name is Bella and she is 5 years old. Her favourite colour is blue. She likes to go swimming and her favouriet thing to do at school is play on the playground. Her favourite food is ice cream and lollies. Her best friends are Madison and Chiara. In her family is her sister Jessica, her Mum and Dad. Her hair is black. Her eye colour is brown. Her favourite movie is the chipmunks and her favourite are the chippettes. Bella likes to draw and do art. Her favourite letter is B. My buddy is Bella.

Comma Rules

These are all the different types of phrases you can use commas in.

  1. List of words- We bought strawberries, pears, apples and bananas from the shops.
  2. List of phrases- On Friday, we traveled by bus, toured Parliament House, attended a lesson in the gallery, ate our snacks and traveled home wearily.
  3. When addressing someone- “Bridie, did you enjoy the excursion?”
  4. When adding extra information- Lyre-birds, who can mimic bird calls, have beautiful tails.
  5. Pauses- Be fore we explored the gallery, we stopped and ate our snacks.

If you know any more rules about commas, please leave a comment. 🙂