How are we called to care for our common home?

The earth is our home and we need to look after it. Many people don’t do this and they don’t care. They pollute and all they care about is making money. We need to make sure these people start to look after the world otherwise climate change will take over and we won’t be able to live because of the heat and the plants and animals won’t survive because of the heat. Climate change is already happening and we have reached 1 degree climate change already. This means that the world is already getting hotter and we need to make a change fast.

Some of the things that we can all do to help stop climate change is

  • Use renewable energy sources
  • Use solar panels
  • Electric cars
  • Pick up rubbish and stop polluting
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Raise awareness about climate change because many people don’t know or just don’t care.

We need to start caring for God’s creation and we need to stop being ignorant and not caring. We need to stop climate change fast. If we all do something it will make a difference and the world will be a lovely place to live in. No animals will become extinct.


Jawbone Marine Sanctuary

On Friday the 13th of November my classmates went to the Jawbone Marine Sanctuary.

There were a lot of animals and plants at the sanctuary and they looked at the Mangroves and Rock pools. In the rock pools were a lot of fish.

I understand the Sanctuary was named the Jawbone Marine Sanctuary because of the land and it is all about caring for the land and the flora and fauna. It is not allowed to have houses built on it because it is protected by the government.

Some of the things that I can do to protect the Sanctuary is not pollute and care for all animals big and small.Jawbone Marine Sanctuary

My presentation on Koala’s

This is my presentation on Koala’s. Some of the things that I learn’t are that Koala’s are not endangered, there are over 600 species of Eucalyptus trees and the Koala can only eat up to 120 of them, Koala’s young are called Cubs and they are nocturnal so they sleep in the day and eat and mate at night.

Some of the things I learn’t from my friends presentations are:

  • Spotted Quolls are also called Tiger Quolls because of their spots.
  • Dingoes eat almost everything but nothing really eats them.
  • Male Elephant Seals have a proboscis and the female Elephant Seals don’t.
  • Spinifex Hopping Mouses have very large eyes and ears with tufted tails. They are nocturnal.