Simba the lion

Simba is from the Disney movie Lion King.

Simba is son of Mufasa and Sarabi and when Simba’s uncle Scar kills Mufasa and blames the death on Simba, Simba runs away while Scar becomes King.He starts ruining the Pride Lands and making the female lions do the hunting. When Simba returns with his friends Timone and Pumbaa they fight for the throne and return in their rightful place in the circle of life.

Simba is playful and adventurous and loves to play with his future wife Nala.               He tried to see the best in everyone, even his uncle Scar. At times, he could be a show-off and arrogant, and boasted that he will be greatest king ever, which often got himself and Nala into danger. 

One of his quotes were “Danger? Ha, I walk on the wild side. I laugh in the face of danger!

This is the scene of Simba and Scar fighting for the throne!

This is Pumbaa and Timone doing the hula dance.

Multicultural Footy

In 2013 a game was played between an Aboriginal footy team called the Boomerangs and a South African footy team called the Lions. The Boomerangs won but it was a really great game and the skill level is really high. I think it is great that they are starting to introduce footy in other countries and schools in other countries are teaching the children footy.

Some of the people who play footy now have been born in a different country or there relatives are from a different country but no one will know that because they are such great footballers. Some of the people are:

  • Josh Gibson- Barbados
  • Lin Jong- China, East Timor
  • Matthew Pavlich- Croatia
  • Andrew Demetriou- Cyprus
  • Ahmad Saad- Egypt
  • Nic Naitanui- Fiji
  • Jack and Nick Riewoldt- Germany

There are a lot more players but these are some of the ones that are playing now.

Some of the Aborginal players that are playing now are:

  • Shaun Burgoyne – Hawthorn
  • Cyril Rioli- Hawthorn
  • Bradley Hill- Hawthorn
  • Lewis Jetta- Sydney
  • Lance Franklin- Sydney
  • Adam Goodes- Sydney
  • Eddy Betts- Adelaide
  • Chris Yarren- Carlton
  • Travis Varcoe- Collingwood

There are a lot more Aboriginal players. One of the Aboriginal players, Adam Goodes, has been named Australian of the year in 2014 because he has been going to schools to talk about racism and sticking up for racism. He has won the Brownlow medal twice for showing best and fairest in his games.

I am glad that there are so many different cultures playing footy because they are great at it and it’s good to let so many different people play. It is also great because they love it and they shouldn’t get booed because they haven’t got the same colour skin or they have got a different accent.


My diary entries

This is my first diary entry. We made up a person and wrote a pretend diary about their life.

Billy Waston

1780 13 September age 6

Today is the worst day of my life. My mother and father have just been caught pickpocketing and are getting hanged. I have been made to watch. The hanging is in an hour. This is the last time I will see my mum and dad. I am going to be alone for the rest of my life. I have no brothers or sisters so no one can look after me. I have to start getting ready ready now. I have been made to wear my best dress.


From Billy


This is my second diary entry.

Billy Waston

1781 14 June age 7

I have just been caught and put in the big smelly house for kids. This so called workhouse is where people come to find kids to work for them. When I got here I was made to wash in front of all the other kids. It was really embarrassing but luckily there were other kids washing too. After I had finished washing I went upstairs to our room. It had 4 bunk beds and there was barely any room to walk. It was night time so I was made to go to bed without any supper because I had arrived as they were having supper. I am really scared as to what I will be made to do. Goodnight

From Billy

This is my third diary entry.

Billy Waston

1782 26 September Age 8

It’s been two years since my parent’s hanging. I miss them a lot. The workhouse is terrible and I am really lonely. We are made to shovel coal into the fire and get water from the well as well as building new workhouses. It is hard work and we get little to eat. Today a boy about two years older than me was caught stealing a hanky and a watch from one of the masters. He was sent to gaol and is getting hanged in two days. We are being made to go watch. It brings back memories of my mum and dad. I wish they were still alive. Bye

From Billy



PJ day-Homelessness-Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Happy New Year!

The second year of being homeless. I’ve been homeless for two years and nobody has helped me. It’s terrible. I am living on a couch under a tree in the park. Two years ago I was happily running a flower shop until I went broke and was kicked out by my landlord. My shop used to be called Charlotte and Bridie’s flowers and now it is called Woolworths. My friend Charlotte at least had a husband and a family to go home to but I had nowhere. At the time I was living in a flat above the shop but now I can’t afford it. It’s so sad that people all around the country are becoming homeless. There are now 105,237 people all around the country who are homeless and nearly half of them are under 25. It is a hard life for a 35 year old like me but even harder for families with children. I really wish somebody would do something about it.


From Bridie


Our excursion to the Immigration Museum

Today we went to the Immigration Museum to learn about Australia’s History and Immigrants to Australia. We did three activities. First we went into a classroom to put our bags and other things down and then went to our first activity.

The first activity was looking at the identity part of the museum and taking notes about identities. One of the quotes were “Identity is how we presPhysical characteristics are like jigsaw pieces that create a picture of how we look.

What we say and how we say it

Fact 1: Since 2004 Aboriginal high school students have been able to study an Aboriginal language of significance to themselves or their local area as part of their Victorian certificate of Education.                                                                      Fact 2: The top 6 languages spoken at home in Victoria are:

  • English, 74.4%
  • Italian, 2.7%
  • Greek, 2.4%
  • Vietnamese, 1.5%
  • Cantonese, 1.35%
  • Mandarin, 1.3%

Fact 3: Before colonization there were round about 40 different Indigenous languages spoken in Victoria

What we wear

What we eat

Join the club

We then watched a video about a man from a different country being bullied on a tram. It made me sad that people treat each other this way because they are from somewhere else and it made me even more disappointed that nobody did anything about it.

IMG_0342The second exhibition we went on was the passport tour. We all got a passport to put our details on. The first thing we did was watch the video about people who have migrated from different countries because of war. Then we had to choose an immigration story from the gallery to write information on. I chose Karl Muffler. He was born in germany in the 1930’s. He owned a cake shop. One of the questions I have about him were “Was he affected in the war?” Next we went to look at three types of ships. One was a 1840’s square rigger. It had a very bad toilet with a very bad smell and there were wooden bunk beds that probably 6 people would go on each bunk and there were some dirty pans and spoons. The next ship was a 1900’s steam ship. It was a games room with a big table in the middle with board games on the table. It was a lot better than the first ship. The last ship was a 1950’s post war ship. There were better bunk beds and they were a lot softer. There was a bathroom with a sink. I think the smelliest cabin to sleep in would have been the first ship because so many people would have been sharing the room and the smell of the toilet would have been really strong. We then looked at what animals would have been brought on the ship to Australia. The animals were cats, rats. blackbirds and cockroaches.

The next activity was the walking tour. We got into groups of three and each group had an Ipad to make an ibook on. First we went to look at Queens Wharf. In the 1800’s Queens Wharf was just the Yarra River. Next we looked at the Immigration Bridge. The Immigration Bridge has all the Immigration from every country. Then we looked at the Holyman House. In the 1800’s it was just a house with only trees and plants around with no roads. The final thing we looked at was Temple Court. In the 1800’s it was the centre of Melbourne and there was only one road with horse and cart.

Then we went back to our classroom and collected our bags and hopped on the bus for a long trip back which ended up with me falling asleep on the bus.