My trip to Mt Baw Baw

On Sunday the 28th of June my brother Hamish had a gymnastics competition in Maffra so we decided to go to Mt Baw Baw for two days after the gymnastics competition.

Hamish’s competition was his last one and it was the Victorian Championships. He did very well. He came 24th overall out of 36 kids. His team came third. Hamish’s best apparatus was Parallel Bars. He got a score of 8.05 out of ten and came 18th out of 36 kids. After his competition we went and stayed in a near by town called Sale in a 2 bedroom house overnight. in our room there was a single bed and a bunk bed with a double bed on the bottom and a single bed on the top. I slept on the double bed. for dinner we went to a restaurant. I had sausages and chips. With our meal came a free soft drink and a free dessert. I had  lemonade and an ice cream for dessert. Then we went home to bed.

In the morning we woke up very early so we could get to.  On the way we stopped at a bakery to get some bacon and cheese rolls for lunch. When we got to Mt Baw Baw it was about 11:30 and straight away we put on our snow gear and decided to go tobogganing all of that afternoon. It was so much fun and I got really hot. First I went down on my own and then I went down with mum and dad. I went the fastest when mum and dad went with me.  At the end we decided to go snowboarding with toboggans. We fell off a lot of times but we got back up and kept doing it until it was perfect. After tobogganing we went to hire our skis for the next day. When we got them we decided not to take them back to our lodge for the night but come in the morning to get them.image

For dinner we went to a restaurant on the mountain. I had mini burgers and chips. They were really yummy except that the rolls on the buns were very hard to bite. Then we went to our lodge to go to bed. We were the only people in our lodge but we only got one bedroom to ourselves. it had two bunk beds. Both with single beds on the top and one with a double bed on the bottom. Mum and Dad slept on the double bed, Imogen and I slept on the single beds on the top and Hamish slept on the single bed on the bottom.

In the morning we packed up our lodge and put everything in the car and then went straight to the ski hire shop to collect our skis and then we went straight to the two runs that were open. When we attached our skis to our ski shoes we started sliding all over the place. Then when we got the hang of stopping and we went on the magic carpet. After a while the magic carpet got a bit boring and we decided o go up the first run. I was the first person to try. I went on the pommer and got the hang of it straight away. I went to half way. Dad came up after and we went down with me imageholding on to the back of him. After Hamish tried but he didn’t even get as far as staying on the pommer. He let his ski’s go crooked and crashed into a bush. Next Immy tried and she did the same thing. Then I went again and I did the same thing. Finally we all got to half way and went down with dad. Later we tried going down by ourselves and it was so much fun. Then we tried going from the top. That was scary and fun because we went so fast. One time that I went from the top I hit a pole surrounding the ski jump and went face first into the snow. I hit my chin on the snow and had a big graze. Then mum came down and fell over a pile of snow and fell on her back and then dad came down and tried to pick me up but ended up almost sliding down the hill backwards. At the end of the day we trudged off the hill, sad that our day was over, and returned the ski’s to the hire sho. Then we went into the restaurant that we had our dinner at last night and ordered 5 hot chocolates. They were absolutely delicious. They came with 2 marshmallows and they were massive with lots of chocolate topping. After we finished our hot chocolates we went to the car and started to drive home. On the way we stopped at Mowe to have dinner at the RSL. I had a chicken schnitzel with chips and a lemonade. After we finished our dinner we went and hopped back into the car to drive home.

And that was my fabulous holiday!!!!

Marvellous Maps

This week for maths we have been looking at maps.


We were looking at maps of Australia and all the borders and cities. We did a test where Mrs Gridley asked us to put everything we could think of in Australia and put it on a map. All the cities, states, borders, rivers, lakes, deserts and all the oceans. It was so much fun.



We were looking at aboriginal paintings and how some of their paintings are maps. We learn’t about Jimmy Possum. He is the keeper of the ring tailed possum story. He can tell even by the faintest prints in the sand what animal it is and where it was coming from and where it is now hiding. In the Aboriginals paintings they use meandering lines to show their journey of their ancestors.



We looked at political and geographical maps and the differences between them. Then we tried to find the shortest way to Ballarat from Blackburn and drew a map of the route we were going to take.



We were looking at cartesian coordinates and making a treasure island map. First Mrs Gridley gave us coordinates to put places on a map and then after that we got to make our own treasure island maps. With our treasure island maps we drew places and then wrote directions to find the treasure.



Today we went outside to blind fold each other to get each other threw a maze drawn with chalk. Unfortunately it started raining so we couldn’t do it so we went back inside. When we were inside we created our own maps with directions to get through it.

So that was marvellous maps this week.