Term 2 reflection

Term 2

This term was amazing.


This term for inquiry our topic was justice. Jasmine Lauren and I did our project on Homelessness. It was so much fun.


This term we had our confirmation. We were learning a lot about the seven gifts of the spirit and we also met the bishop. He taught us about what we do at Confirmation and what Confirmation is about.


This term maths was a lot of fun because we had Naplan. Naplan was a lot of fun and a little bit easy.

Performing arts

This term we had started our dancing and auditions for the school concert. I got the part of the queen in sleeping beauty.

Thankyou for a great term Mrs Gridley. And until next term goodbye.

The positive education and inquiry expos!

On the 17th of June we had two expos. The first expo was our inquiry expo. We had all finished our projects and now we were showing them to the whole school. My friends Jasmine, Lauren and I had done our project on homelessness. We found out lots of things about homelessness. Our rich question was “How can we make a difference to how the homeless people live?” Some of our questions were What are the causes of homelessness?, Where are the homeless? and Who is homeless? The expos were a lot of fun and we had a lot of people guess for the guess how many chocolates in the box. This was our action. We raised $45.80.

Also on the 17th of June we had our positive education expo. My friend Ashling and I did our project on gratefulness. Our rich question was “Why is gratefulness important in our lives?” We taught everyone when and why you should be grateful.

And that was our term 2. Next term we are doing history so I will be back.

Sam The Flying Book!!

Sam The Flying Book!!!

It was the 22nd of May. A sunny Saturday afternoon in a city called Hooveville. It was a normal city with grey big buildings and green trees and noisy cars, but in this city lived a superhero. His name was Sam the Flying Book. He was a blue book with a red striped cape and rockets to help him fly. He was very fast and loved to save people.

Deep down in the city park a girl named Ruby is playing. Ruby is six years old with brown hair and a pink flower dress. Suddenly a seagull swoops down and chases Ruby. Ruby isn’t looking where she is going so she ran straight into a fence and gets her head stuck in between some grey metal bars. Ruby calls for help and Sam hears this with his sensitive hearing and zoomed down to help. Sam got there in 5 seconds. He told Ruby to calm down. Suddenly there is a change in the weather. Grey clouds come rolling in. Sam has to hurry! He gets out his metal melting tongs, melts the bars and pulls Ruby out just as it starts to pour. He picked Ruby up and flew her to undercover where her mother was waiting. She embraced her daughter and then thanked Sam. She invited Sam over for dinner but at that moment he hears another cry for help. He told her maybe next time and zoomed off. Ruby and her mum went safely home. They were very happy that Sam was around because otherwise Ruby would have been very cold, wet and sick. Sam was very happy that another rescue had safely ended. The call that he had heard was a man that had been struck by lightning. Sam will be very busy for the next few hours.


The End


My Blog Audit!!!!!

It is the final week of the blogging challenge. This week we have to write a audit from the beginning of March. 

  • How many posts did I write ( March 2015- now) I wrote 11 posts but I think I should have done more
  •  5 of my posts were school based, 4 were set by the challenge and two were my own interest.
  •  4 of my comments were from my friends or other kids, 4 from my teacher and 1 from a overseas students.
  • The post that received the most comments was my post about my classes science expo. I think this post had the most comments because it was about my classmates and it was one of my longest posts.
  • The post I enjoyed writing the most was my Easter holidays post because I did a lot of things on my holiday and it was very interesting and fun remembering all the fun things I had done.
  • I didn’t change my theme at all because it was a great theme and I think it suits me and my blog.
  • I have 18 widgets and I think this is a bit too much because they are a bit distracting when you read my posts.
  • I haven’t got a blogroll but I have had one comment from an overseas student from New Zealand.
  • I put a voki on my blog to tell visitors what my blog is about. I also put on my taxedo for homework to show people my spelling words.