Lesson on punctuation!!!!

This week for homework we had to create a lesson on punctuation.


Comma’s have many uses. This comma is called a comma in a series.

When I go shopping I have to buy milk, bread and coffee. A comma in this example is a list of 3 or more items. The last two items are joined by and, or, or nor.

The second type of comma is a comma with coordinate adjectives.

I saw a bouncy, little puppy running through the park. The comma used in this example is put between bouncy and little because they are coordinate adjectives. If you put an and in the middle it doesn’t make sense.


My Board Game: Where’s The Justice?



For homework this week we had to make up a board game and then advertise it on my blog. It had to be themed around justice, maths and literacy. I came up with this idea and called it “Where’s the Justice?” Because it had true facts about justice.

image  image

In my game the first person to the finish wins. Here is the rules and how to play:

How to play:

  1. Put your counter on the start.

  2. Roll the dice

  3. Move forward that many spaces

  4. If you land on a number box, pick up the card on the top of the pile and give it to one of the other players to read.

  5. If you land on a blank box stay there until your next turn.

  6. The first person to the finish wins.


  1. Move around the board clockwise.

  2. If you get an answer wrong go back to the number you were on before that turn.

  3. Most importantly have fun.



So that’s “Where’s the Justice?” Hopefully that will get your attention about justice.



My GATEWAYS experience

On Monday the of April I started a program called gateways. Gateways is on every Monday for four weeks. This time it was on speeches. It was called say it with sizzle.

On the first Monday we all introduced ourselves. There were about 20 other children doing it. I was a timekeeper. Then we each came out the front one at a time and we were given a topic by our teacher Ron and we had to talk about that topic for a minute. I was given something positive that has happened that week and I said about the new things I got at gymnastics like my flyaway. Then he told us about what speech we had to next week. It was on something that you like, all about yourself or an argument that you have.

The next week I had to give my practice 2 minute speech about gymnastics. It went really well although I forgot to do a cartwheel at the start.