Week 6 blogging challenge. Chess


The history of Chess

Chess originated in India around 7th century AD (around 1400 years ago). The game was then called Chaturangachatur meaning four and anga meaning parts. The game comprised the four parts of the army: elephants, horses, chariots and foot soldiers besides the king and his mantri (minister).

The game was in fact a battle-plan drawn on a smaller scale, to find out ways and means of outsmarting the enemy.

How was it played?

In the game, one side of the army had to knock out or capture the opponent’s pieces from the board until the king was captured or ‘checked’, that is, made immobile. The player who ‘checked’ the opponent king’s movements won the game. It is stilled played the same way.

How did it get to be called chess?

From India, soldiers and merchants took the game to Persia (present day Iran) around 600 A.D. where it came to be called Shatranj. At the same time travellers took the game to China where it was played in a modified form called Xianqui. The Japanese, when they came to know of it, called it Shogi.

The Crusaders from Europe who came to fight the Holy Wars in Palestine against the Muslim Saladdin in the 12-13th century took the game to Europe. They called it ‘chess’ from the Old French word ‘echec’ meaning ‘check’.


My Easter Holidays

On the Easter holidays we went to Pambula. Pambula is in NSW, just over the NSW and Victoria border. We went for one week.  We were camping in our tent at the Big 4 caravan park. The caravan park has a kids club, pool, trampolines, a park, mini golf, go carts, a jumping pillow, a shop and it is right on the beach. Everyday there was craft at the kids club and most nights there was a movie. On Friday we drove half way, to Nowa Nowa hotel. It took 4 hours.  I had lamb chops for dinner. On Saturday morning we drove the other 4 hours. when we got there it was about 1.00. We bought some rolls for lunch and then started putting up the tent. By about dinner time we had the tent and main things set up like our beds and tables.

Every day we would go to the beach, play on the jumping pillow and play mini golf. The beach had beautiful waves and was great for boogie boarding. One of the things I have always wanted to do was surf so I pretended my boogie board was a surf board and tried to kneel and stand on it. It didn’t go very well because my boogie board wasn’t big enough so I just fell off.

On Thursday night was Red Faces night. Red Faces is a talent show organised by the kids club. I was singing the song “Ugly Heart,” and my sister and my friend were singing the song “Shake It Off.” I got two 15 and from the mean judge called Red I got a one. My sister and my friend got two 17 and from red they got a 3. My sister and my friend came fourth and I don’t know what I came.

Sunday was the day we were leaving. In the morning I got a marvellous creation bunny and six little easter eggs from the easter bunny. At about 9.oo in the morning we decided to go for one more swim at the beach. When we got down there it was perfect weather for the beach. The waves were perfect and great fun. We swam out to the back we the big waves were. They were massive. While I was catching waves I tried to stand up on my boogie board. My first attempt was a fail.