Class Science Investigations

Today we had a science expo. We went around and looked at everybody’s presentation. My presentation was about making and new icepack that you don’t have to put in the fridge. I discovered from my classmates lots of things. Here are some presentations from my classmates:

  • Lauren- Lauren made a new washing detergent that is called Lauren’s Lovely Lavender Detergent that didn’t use any chemicals. The new detergent worked better than the shop detergent because it was less soapy.
  • Ashling- Ashling was trying to see what the nutritious part of the kiwi smoothie was. The nutritious part was the white bit in the middle on the inside of the seeds.
  • Amelia
  • Jacob F- Jacob F was trying to make ethanol using yeast and sugary warm water. He succeeded.
  • Jasmine- Jasmine was looking at how bread breaks down faster. I learn’t that vinegar breaks down bread faster that onions, milk, salt and lemon juice which all went mouldy.
  • Riley G- Riley G was looking at chilli reactions. I found out that chillis are actually good for you.
  • Peter- Peter was making a balloon blow up with carbon dioxide. He made the carbon dioxide using baking soda, vinegar, bottle and balloons.

I had a lot of fun and those presentations are only some of our classes. I hope you enjoyed reading it as well.

My Science Homework

For homework this week I had to do an experiment. This is my report:

Kitchen Chemistry

Reacting Acids and Bases:


  • Citric Acid
  • Bicarb Soda
  • Water


  • I think there will be a chemical reaction
  • Bubbling and sizzling- gas production
  • The bag might expand
  • The bicarb soda and citric acid will dissolve


  1. Put  a teaspoon of bicarb soda in a ziplock bag
  2. Put a teaspoon of citric acid in the ziplock bag
  3. Seal the bag and mix the powders
  4. Predict what is going to happen when the water is added
  5. Add water


  • Bubbling and sizzling
  • The bag expanded because of the gas production
  • The temperature of the bag went cold
  • The bicarb soda and the citric acid dissolved

Here are some photos!