Clean Up Australia Day!!! : )

On the 27th of February we had clean up Australia day. We picked up rubbish from around the school. Here are my thoughts on why it is important to clean up Australia.

It is important to clean up Australia because:

  • When tourists come they don’t have to step over rubbish.
  • To save the environment.
  • It looks nice and tidy.
  • If we pollute it could kill lots of animals.
  • To protect animals from eating or getting strangled by the rubbish.
  • To protect plants and animals.

Thank you to everyone who cleaned up.

DSCN2812         DSCN2803

Sugar Science

On the 20th of February we had a incursion with a science teacher named John Pearce. I learn’t that electrons make up atoms. Atoms are really small particles and electrons are even smaller. He taught us about liquids and solids and how to put them in order. He gave us some plastic bags with different materials like water, rocks, air, foam, pasta and many more and we had to try and figure out where the materials go in order. He also taught us about how ice melts in a cup. The heat electrons give the molecules energy and they break apart. Whenever a atoms hits something it bounces off that way. Finally he taught us about sugar being crushed and how they stick together. He gave us a sugar cube, some white sugar, some castor sugar and some icing sugar. He showed us how each one is crushed differently.We got to eat the sugar after! YUMMY!


Times Tables

Today in maths we did the 9 and 11x tables. Here are some tips for learning your 9x:

  • The units go down by one and the tens go up by one
  • Turn arounds 81-18
  • even odd even
  • add 10 minus one
  • 10 x ? – ?
  • Answers add up to nine
  • 9,18,27,36,45,54,63,72,81,90,99,108

Here’s some tips for learning your 11’s:

  •  11,22,33,44,55,66,77,88,99,110,121,132
  • 10 x ? + ?
  • 10 + 1



My holidays

My Holidays was really cool. I went to Luna park and Inverloch. At Inverloch the weather was terrible but I still had lots of fun fishing. I almost caught a crab and my sister caught a puffa fish. At Luna Park I went on the ghost train, the silly serpent, the ferris wheel, dodgem cars, the holodeck and many more. My favourite was the silly serpent.

My holidays was fun and I hope yours was too.